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CRCMH represented at Science Meets Parliament

March 1, 2018MelanieLatest News0

Dr Nina McCarthy attended Science Meets Parliament last month representing the CRC for Mental Health. The event brings together leaders across politics, policy and STEM to discuss the role of science in Australia.

“The event provided an opportunity to communicate directly with decision makers about my research into the genetic underpinnings of mental health disorders like schizophrenia. From attending, I have a better appreciation of how I can provide a unique perspective and work with politicians and policy professionals to have input into solutions to major challenges,” said Dr McCarthy.

“Science meets Parliament was also a fantastic chance to learn from my scientific peers about the diversity and quality of work they’re conducting. I’d like to thank Mrs Nola Marino MP for her time during our small group meeting and all of those who shared their learnings and viewpoints throughout the event.”

Dr McCarthy is a postdoctoral research fellow at the CRC for Mental Health and University of Western Australia. In addition to her research applying statistical techniques to analyse large genetic datasets to understand human health, she is interested in driving more meaningful involvement of community in mental health research projects.

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