CRC for Mental Health

The CRC for Mental Health makes occasional submission to government inquiries and reviews where our perspective as a large cooperative organisation which seeks to develop and commercialise research can provide a unique viewpoint.


Vision for a science nation: Responding to ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: Australia’s future’ consultation paper

The submission outlines the CRC for Mental Health’s experience having industry involved throughout the innovation process, impact of collaboration and innovation training and community awareness programs. Read the submission.


Review of Australia’s research training system

The CRC for Mental Health offered several suggestions including case studies from our education program. Read the submission.


Victoria’s future industries: Medical technologies and pharmaceuticals discussion paper

Australia, and in particular Victoria, is well placed to become a location of choice for design and performance of proof-of-concept clinical trials, has world leading capability in healthy ageing and high quality, valuable biobanks. The submission outlines the CRC for Mental Health’s views comments on the five areas which the Victorian State Government sought comment. Read the submission.



Growth through innovation and collaboration: A review of the Cooperative Research Centres Programme (Miles Review)

Commissioned by the Minister for Industry and Science, the CRC Programme review investigated the programme’s success in supporting business and researchers to work together to develop and transition to Australia’s industries of the future. The review found that “retaining the CRC programme as a stand-alone programme serves to put science at the centre of industry policy”. The CRC for Mental Health’s submission provided our perspective on the successes and opportunities available within the CRC programme. Read the submission.


National review of mental health programmes and services

Commissioned by the Minister for Health, the review sought to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of programmes and services in supporting people experiencing mental ill-health and their families and other support people to lead a contributing life and to engage productively in their community. The CRC provided a short submission relating to mental health research. Read the submission.

Boosting the commercial returns from research

The CRC for Mental Health’s submission is informed by the guiding values of our organisation; industry is a vital and integral part of the research process, innovation is a social process and connecting diverse groups of people often has enormous and unexpected benefits and that innovation has the possibility to be transformative for whole industries and the Australian economy. The CRC’s submission comments on increasing commercial returns from research, incentives for research-industry collaborations, research infrastructure and industry relevant research training. Read the submission.



Strategic review of health and medical research – better health through research (McKeon Review)

The review sought to recommend a 10-year strategic health and medical research plan for Australia. The CRC for Mental Health’s submission focused on the two key questions – how might health and medical research be best managed and funded in Australia, and how can we optimise translation of health and medical research into better health and wellbeing? Read the submission.

Inquiry into dementia: early diagnosis and intervention

The Standing Committee on Health and Ageing undertook an inquiry into early diagnosis and intervention practices in Australia. The CRC for Mental Health’s submission comments on the need for collaborative research, new therapies and investigation of preventive measures. Read the submission.