CRC for Mental Health

The CRC for Mental Health runs a diverse community education program around the themes of brain research and mental health. These events generate public interest and awareness of our research areas. The program features public lectures and events including “Diagnosing Dementia,” “Embedding Research in Aged Care,” “Dementia and Depression,” “Biological Markers for Mental Health,” “Unlocking the Secrets of Parkinson’s” and “Not Just One Thing: Art, Science and Schizophrenia.”

Videos and audio recordings from some of our previous events are provided below. You can find a summary of our past and upcoming events here.

Diagnosing dementia

Hosted by Paul Barclay (Radio National, Big Ideas), the expert panel discussed how we might be able to detect and diagnose dementia in the future. They also talk about why this research is an important step forward for finding a treatment and when these techniques might become a reality. The expert panel included Mr Graeme Samuel AC (National President, Alzheimer’s Australia), Ms Jenny Lloyd (Consumer, aged 62), Professor Ashley Bush (Chief Scientific Officer, CRC for Mental Health), Dr Rachel Buckley (AADRF Fellow, The University of Melbourne), Dr Shaun Frost (Research Fellow, CSIRO).

This event was broadcast in October 2015, on Radio National’s Big Ideas, as part of Mental As week.

Listen to a recording of the event here.

Diagnosing dementia event for web

Prof Ashley Bush, Mr Paul Barclay, Dr Rachel Buckley, Mr Graeme Samuel AC, Ms Jenny Lloyd, Dr Shaun Frost


Embedding research in aged care

The “Embedding research in aged care event brought together perspectives on how the research and aged care sectors can work together for improvements in quality of care. Hosted by ABC’s James Lush, speakers were Profs Colin Masters, Assen Jablensky, Ralph Martins and Fran McInerney.  You can listen to a recording of the event below.

Depression and Dementia

Presented on 19 September 2013 by Mercy Health in collaboration with the CRC for Mental Health, “Depression and Dementia” was an informative panel discussion exploring depression and dementia in older people. You can listen to a recording of the event below.


Science and Dementia

Hosted by science journalist and broadcaster Robyn Williams AM from Radio National’s The Science Show, ‘Science & Dementia’ was held 14 August 2013 at the Melbourne Brain Centre.

Presented by the CRC for Mental Health, this Inspiring Australia initiative was supported by the Australian Government as part of the 2013 National Science Week.



Not just one thing: Art, science and schizophrenia

A public event held in collaboration with the Dax Centre, “Not just one thing: Art, science and schizophrenia” explored the history of schizophrenia through art, story-telling, science and personal perspectives. Hosted by Lynne Malcolm (ABC Radio National) in front of a live audience as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, the event featured insights from Prof Brian Dean (CRC for Mental Health), Emma Last (The Dax Centre), Prof Jayashri Kulkarni (Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre) and Brendan Clarke (Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria).

Listen to the podcast on Radio National’s All in the Mind 

Graeme Doyle Untitled

Image kindly supplied by Graeme Doyle (Untitled), part of the Dax Centre’s collection 

Not just one thing _ for web