CRC for Mental Health

The CRC for Mental Health has developed an education program that bridges the gap between research, industry and the community.

CRC students are given the opportunity to expand their education outside of the laboratory. Through collaboration with our industry and end user participants, students are equipped with the skills, experience and knowledge to move comfortably between academia and industry. With strong support from industry participants, unique programs range from enabling students to apply their skills in real industry projects, to liaising with aged care facilities to gain a deeper understanding of the people and the illnesses their research will impact. Regular research workshops, video conferences and student events help to further create a broad educational program producing multi-skilled, multi-disciplined graduates ready for both academia and industry employment.

The CRC runs a variety of community outreach events, generating public interest in the research areas of the CRC. These events emphasise the importance of collaboration between research and industry, helping prepare end users and advocates for adoption of CRC for Mental Health outcomes. Working closely with patient focused end user organisations, the CRC also helps inform carers how research can be applied, and the way it aims to impact their work.