CRC for Mental Health

Research Management Committee

The Research Management Committee oversees the day to day running of the research programs, including ensuring that projects have appropriate resources and are progressing satisfactorily.

The RMC oversees the day to day running of the Research Programs, including ensuring that projects within the CRC Research Programs have appropriate resources allocated to them and are progressing satisfactorily. The RMC is responsible for making recommendations to the Board about any necessary variations to the Research Program.

Biobanks Committee

The CRC is involved with, or is establishing, large cohorts of more than 1000 patients which provide valuable information for the CRC’s research program. The Biobanks Committee oversees the operations of the CRC’s biobanks ensuring that all ethical and legal responsibilities are met, and that the valuable contribution volunteers have made is recognised through the efficient and equitable use of samples.

More information on the CRC’s biobanks can be found here.

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee provides general oversight of the CRC for Mental Health’s affairs in the areas of financial accounting, reporting and risk management. The Committee assists the board in exercising due care, diligence and skill in discharging its oversight and monitoring responsibilities.

Intellectual Property and Commercialisation Advisory Committee

The Intellectual Property and Commercialisation Advisory Committee assists the Board in decisions relating to the protection and commercialisation of the CRC’s intellectual property.

Education Advisory Committee

The Education Committee provides strategic advice on the CRC’s postgraduate program, new education initiatives, assesses scholarship applications, and assists in facilitating the translation of research findings into the clinic and health care facilities.