CRC for Mental Health
The CRC for Mental Health has developed an education program encompassing:
  • top-up scholarships for post-graduate research education
  • community education about brain research and mental health
  • an education program to enable the translation of mental health research findings into changed end-user behaviour, and
  • promotion of the CRC for Mental Health in the scientific community and the general community.

 Education Program Objectives:

  • To develop a first class education program that educates our scientists and health professionals in the area of early diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.
  • To ensure the translation and adoption of CRC research findings into practical solutions for end-users, including applied medical practitioners, aged care workers and carers in general.
  • To deliver a community mental health education program through the auspices of the Dax Centre’s Collection of Psychiatric Art.
  • To develop an on-line portal delivering information to (i) our scientists, (ii) end-users and (iii) the general community