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Independent review of CRCMH find we are “Clearly addressing issues of economic and social significance to Australia”

August 20, 2015MelanieLatest News0

In June, we underwent a rigorous independent review conducted on behalf of the Department of Industry and Science. A requirement for all CRCs at the mid-way point of funding, the three day review focused on all aspects of the CRC for Mental Health. I’m pleased to share with you highlights of the Panel’s report:

  • “The Panel commends the CRC on its success in bringing together researchers, industry, end users and students into a cohesive and effective organisation in a relatively short period of time… The Panel considers the science undertaken by both programs to be of a very high quality and clearly addresses issues of economic and social significance to Australia.”
  • “The Panel commends the CRC on the strength of its science and acknowledges the high quality of its research. The Panel was also impressed by how the CRC has enabled collaboration across the neurodegenerative and psychoses research programs. In addition, it was impressive to see end users embedded in and engaged with research projects. It is clear that this could not have happened without the CRC.”
  • “The CRCMH’s education strategy is impressive and robust. It is clear that the PhD and early career researchers identify with the CRC and are very appreciative of the opportunities provided by it… It is clear that the breadth and depth of the educational, collaborative and end user experience that students have gained is a tangible legacy of the CRC”.
  • “The CRCMH’s communication strategy is equally impressive. The strategy explaining biomarkers to the general public is one that could be a model adopted by others working in the sector”.

While these comments are highly complementary, it was also clear from the Panel that with only three years of funding remaining it is time to tightly focus our research efforts and accelerate the translation and commercialisation of our research outcomes. This is in keeping with the CRCMH’s long-standing view that our research must have clear pathways to uptake by the medical technologies and pharmaceutical industries. Over the coming months the CRCMH will be engaging with all of our stakeholders to discuss how we build momentum, move our research further along the commercialisation pathway and continue to work with our industry and clinical end user participants to generate the best outcomes possible.

Our thanks go to the independent review panel Professor Suzanne Miller (Chair), Dr Warren King, Dr Carol Dobson-Stone, Professor David Copolov OAM and Professor Sam Gandy MD PhD. We appreciate their diligence and constructive guidance during the review process.

Professor Ian Cooke
Chief Executive Officer
Cooperative Research Centre for Mental Health


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